Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

  1. Inbound Marketing:

Inbound marketing is all about focusing on winning the trust and loyalty of the consumer as opposed to buying it. This means less money spent on big, flashy ad campaigns, and more time spent engaging with your potential consumers on as many platforms as possible: think social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, the list goes on! People care about people who care about them – be the company that cares! Caring and engaging is key to any digital marketing strategy in order to connect with your visitors. Write content your consumers may actually be interested in reading, start a cool blog, post a series of videos to a dedicated YouTube channel – if you’re creating content that your target market is genuinely interested in – they’ll keep coming back for more!

Digital marketing strategies - Electric Egg

  1. Responsive Web Design:

Addressed in a series of blog posts over the past month, Electric Egg would like to once again encourage you to consider the importance of Responsive Web Design in 2016. In our mobile-driven world (hello new crazy world in which every other person is catching and hatching virtual animals – you know exactly what I mean) if somebody can’t navigate your website on their smartphone your business is toast – you become outdated, irrelevant, annoying to the average Joe just looking to find a contact number on your website. Employing RWD ensures that your content and brand integrity are consistent across all devices – invest in Responsive Web Design today for more hits, more follow-through, more money in the bank and to have the best digital marketing strategy out there.

  1. SEO:

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization, let me break it down for you: Bob enters the following into his search engine of choice: “Restaurant Durbanville” because he’s looking for a nice locale to propose to his lady. Surprise, surprise! You own a restaurant in Durbanville, but…your restaurant is only 15th on the results page because your website does not actually contain the keywords “Restaurant” + “Durbanville” that Bob searched for. Bob likes the look of restaurant number 3 on the results page – Bob never learns that your restaurant exists – which is sad, because Bob’s lady would’ve liked it far more than restaurant number 3 –Search Engine Optimize your website with keywords to ensure high rankings by the search engine gods, and never get overlooked againDigital marketing strategies and SEO - Electric Egg

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