A Meme They Cannot Refuse: A 5-Step Content Creation Strategy

If you want to get potential clients, and the internet at large, excited about your business and its online presence you need to, in essence, make them an offer they cannot refuse. Your ultimate goal is to develop a mind-blowingly awesome content creation strategy that nobody is immune to the pull of clicking “Read More”. Whether you’re thinking of employing memes (or a good ghost blogger – we’ve got one of those), here are 5 steps you should be following in order to generate click-worthy content every time:

content creation strategy - electric egg

  1. Brainstorming

It seems like a no-brainer to list idea generation as the first step toward creating amazing content; but not every idea is necessarily a good idea, and you should be curating your own ideas in order to spend time developing only the very best ones.

  1. Research

In order to become (or at least sound) like an authority on the subject you’ve decided to create content around, you need to do your research!

content creation strategy - electric egg

  1. In(format)ive

In what format are you going to convey the content? This decision will be influenced by the nature of the idea and the subsequent research – facts and associated statistics, for example, make a neat infographic, whereas a case-study may favour a blog-type narrative format. Pro Tip: Keep your own access to resources for execution in mind. Don’t decide to develop a content infographic if all you know how to design in is Paint. On the flipside – if design is your strong suit and you can knock out an infographic a minute, don’t feel obligated to create lacklustre and long-winded content just for the sake of having words on the page.

  1. Follow the yellow-brick road

You wouldn’t take off on a cross-country trip without a map (okay, Google Maps) would you? Of course not! Extend your content the same courtesy. Before you actually generate the content, create a roadmap for yourself – plot a beginning, middle and an end, make notes of everything you want to include and in what order so that you don’t end up leaving out something important.


Step five means pulling the trigger – whether you’re making a YouTube video, writing a blog post or designing an infographic, now is the time to put pen to paper, so to speak. This is the time to consider things like snappy titles, the inclusion of pop culture references and other fun tid-bits that make your content more enticing.

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